Valeria De Felice is an Italian production designer  based in New York City.  The influence of her homeland’s artistic treasures and the NYC’s cultural wealth have deeply formed her and enriched her vision. 
While studying set design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome and Dresden, Valeria designed some successful music videos (four times Best Italian Independent Music Video at PIVI and PVI) as well as art-directed her first feature film Un Giorno Della Vita starring Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Alessandro Haber.
Upon coming to New York she expanded her professional prospects, designing a wide array of projects and working alongside acclaimed professionals such as Dante Spinotti, David Simon, Woody Harrelson, Laura Linney and Reinaldo Marcus Green.
As a production designer, De Felice’s credits include the feature film ‘Night Comes On’ winner of Best Innovator Award at Sundance '18, winner of the Jury Award at Deauville FF;  ‘Selah and the Spades’ selected at Sundance ‘19,  ‘The 40-Year-Old Version’ winner of 'Best Directing' in the US Dramatic  Competition at Sundance ‘20, ‘I Carry You with Me’ winner of 'Best of Next' and 'Best Innovator Award' and  at Sundance ‘20. More recently she designed 'Suncoast' selected at Sundance '24 and 'Babes' selected at SXSW '24.
 For HBO she designed the first season of That Damn Michael Che and the limited series We Own This City.
As an art director her credits include the feature films: ‘Tim Maia’ winner for Best Art Direction at ABC Trophy and nominated for Best Art Direction at Cinema Brazil Grand Prize, ‘Diane’ awarded Best Feature Film at Tribeca FF '18,  ‘Abe’ selected at Sundance FF ‘19, ‘The Evening Hour’ in the US Dramatic  Competition at Sundance FF ‘20 and the award-winning feature ‘Saturday Church’ that premiered at Tribeca FF ’17.
Valeria’s passion for visual arts and literature found in production design its best way of expression.
When she is not working she is either traveling, painting or baking sourdough bread and panettone.
Valeria is a member of IATSE Local 829.
Feature Films
Suncoast (2024) - Production Designer director: Laura Chinn  •  producer: Francesca Silvestri, Searchlight Pictures •  cast: Woody Harrelson, Laura Linney, Nico Parker
Babes (2024) - Production Designedirector: Pamela Adlon  •  producer: Filmnation •  cast: Ilana Glazer, Michelle Buteau
Bleecker (2022) - Production Designer director: Edith Hagigi  •  producer: Red Hour Productions •  cast: Ben Stiller, Tovah Feldshu, Bob Ari
The 40-Year-Old Version (2020) - Production Designer director: Radha Blank  •  producer: Lena Waithe, Inuka Bakote
I Carry You with Me (2020) - Production Designer NY Unit director: Heidi Ewing  •  producer: Loki Films, Black Bear
The Evening Hour (2020) - Art Director director: Braden King  •  producer: Secret Engine
Selah and The Spades (2019) - Production Designer director: Tayarisha Poe  •  producer: Secret Engine •  DP: Jomo Fray • cast: Lovie Simone, Jessie Williams, Celeste O' Connor
All The Little Things We Kill (2019) - Production Designer director: Adam Vibsig Neutzky-Wulff  •  producer: Courageous Content •  DP: Christopher Pearson • cast: Elizabeth Marvel, Danielle Brooks
ABE (2019) - Art Director director: Fernando Grostein Andrade •  producer: Gullane • production designer: Claudia Calabi  •  DP: Blasco Giurato • cast: Noah Schnapp, Dagmar Dominczyk, Marc Margolis
Night Comes On (2018) - Production Designer director: Jordana Spiro •  producer: Jonathan Montepare, Alvaro Valente •  cast: Dominique Fishback
Diane (2018) - Art Director director: Kent Jones •  producer: Ben Howe, Luca Borghese • production designer: Debbie DeVilla  •  cast: Mary K Place, Jake Lacy
Saturday Church (2017) -  Art Director director: Damon Cardasis •  producer: Rebecca Miller • production designer: Jimena Azula •  cast: Margot Bingham, Regina Taylor
Bad Vegan (2016) - Production Designer director: Anton Goenechea •  producer: Brianne Berkson • cast: Tamara Tunie, Andy Bean, Brianne Berkson
Sugar! (2016) -  Production Designer director: Shari Berman •  producer: Lauren Rayner • cast: Alice Ripley, Robert Clohessy, Kathryn Danielle 
Somewhere in The Middle (2015) -  Production Designer director: Lanre Olabisi •  producer: Gabriel Sedwick • cast:  David Craig Diaz, Johanna Finn, Cassandra Freeman
Get Happy! (2015) -  Production Designer director: Manoj Annadurai •  producer: Sania Jhankar • cast: Chris Riggi, Adam LaVorgna, Rebecca Blumhagen
 Tim Maia (2014) -  Art Director USA director: Mauro Lima •  producer: Rômulo Marinho Jr.• production designer: Claudio Amaral Peixoto • cast: Robson Nunes, Babu Santana
Un Giorno Della Vita (2011) -  Art Director director: Giuseppe Papasso •  producer: Pio Annuzzo • production designer: Nunzia Decollanz • cast:  Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Alessandro Haber, Ernesto Mahieux
That Damn Michael Che - Season 1 (2021) Production Designer director: Oz Rodriguez •  producer: HBO
We Own This City - Limited Series (2022) Production Designer director: Reinaldo Marcus Green  •  producer: HBO
Short Films
Cloud Kumo (2016) -  Production Designer director: Yvonne NG •  producer: Natasha Soto   • cast:  Michiko Ishii, Yokko
Oiled Up (2016) -  Production Designer director: Richard Selvi •  producer: Richard D’Angelo • cast:  Chuck Zito, James McCaffrey, Lou Martini Jr., Eric Roberts
Frankie: Italian Roulette (2015) -  Production Designer director: Francesco Mazza •  producer: Rita Laterca • cast:  Francesco Mazza, Sarah Moliski, Christina Toth
Heichki (2015) -  Production Designer director: Kartik Singh•  producer: Sania Jhankar, Roni Mazumdar • cast:Roni Mazumdar, Mahira Kakkar, Hesh Sarmalkar
Music Videos
Misterwives - Not Your Way (2016) -  Production Designer director: Marlena Pavich •  producer: Tonya Mc Cornell
Audien - Something Better (2015) -  Production Designer director: Will Joines •  producer: RAB media 
Sigur Ròs - Varúð (2012) -  Production Designer/ Costume Designer director: Björn Flóki •  producer: Denis Deck
A Toys Orchestra - Welcome to Babylon (2012) -  Production Designer director: Marco Missano •  producer: Sara Sergi
Negramaro - Io Non Lascio Traccia (2011) -  Production Designer director: Marco Missano •  producer: Alan Vele
Marco Notari - Le Stelle ci Cambieranno Pelle(2011) - Production Designer director: Marco Missano •  producer: Sara Sergi
Music For Eleven Instruments - Everyone in Their Room (2010) Production Designer director: Marco Missano •  producer: Marco Missano, Salvatore Sultano
La San Marzano - Production Designer - director: Alfredo Ruggieri - producer: Think Cattleya
Cetaphil - Production Designer - director: Jake and Zack - producer: Yacht Club Film
Forevermark Ever Us Two Stones Collection -  Production Designer director: Anders Hallberg •  producer:  Filmmaster Productions
Hiscox - Snow Day  -  Production Designer director Noah Workman • producer: Iris Media Works
ESPN - Sasquatch Bares All -  Production Designer director: Steve Cohen •  producer: Manhattan Place Entertainment 
Amazing Grace - The Musical -  Art Director director: Christopher Walters •  producer: SpotOn 
American Express - Life Style -  Art Director director: Christopher Walters •  producer: SpotOn 
Puma - Forever Faster - Falcao -  Production Designer director: Simon Brand •  producer: Monica Walter Palmieri
2008 BFA  in Set Design for Theatre and Film at Rome Academy of Fine Arts
2010 MFA in Set Design for Theatre and Film at Rome Academy of Fine Arts /Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Muse, Vectorworks, Excel
Hands On
Hand Drafting, Scale Model and Miniature Building, Acrylic Painting, Scenic Painting, Carpentry, Sketching, Tayloring, Photography.

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